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CrossFit is the brainchild of Coach Greg Glassman, and combines elements of gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, and resistance training with traditional and non-traditional tools. has evolved into an online community and resource center for the CrossFit-oriented.

The basis of the CrossFit workout methodology is the workout of the day (“WOD”), posted on the CrossFit home page. The WOD varies considerably from day to day; each workout taxing your body differently, allowing you to push your limits while recovering from previous workouts.

CrossFit programs are completely scalable and easily modified to suit ANY EXERCISER! Weight, reps, times, etc., can be reduced or increased, or an alternative exercise or activity can be used. Anyone looking to improve physically and athletically, or just take on a new fitness challenge will find it with CrossFit. For more information on starting CrossFit workouts, check out getting started on

Because of CrossFit´s emphasis on workouts that challenge the body in a variety of ways, it has become a favorite tool of Firefighting, Military and Law Enforcement personnel the world over. CrossFit prepares the body for bursts of maximum effort followed by short recovery, such as a soldier running from cover to cover. CrossFit also emphasizes strength in a variety of modalities and positions, similar to real life situations. There are active CrossFit programs within the FBI, CIA, DEA, National Parks Service, DOE, DHS, Treasury Department, US Marshals, and Justice Departments among others.

Another group that has discovered the advantages of using CrossFit principles are Martial Artists, particularly Grapplers and Mixed Martial Arts Fighters. CrossFit workouts challenge your metabolic conditioning, and train your body for intense efforts in a variety of situations and movements. Several top MMA fighters train with CrossFit, including Chuck Liddell, Paul Buentello, and BJ Penn.

Of course, there are many workout systems out there which can improve one or another aspect of fitness. But the CrossFit system has been incredibly successful with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different goals and abilities.

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