kettlebells dunfermline

Kettlebell training will sculpt your body giving you lean muscles, stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility without bulking up. Join our kettlebell classes to perform explosive routines that will give you incredible results. During our kettlebell classes varying weights of kettlebells are used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

The workouts performed with kettlebells are extremely challenging and develop strength through the legs, hips, core, shoulders and grip strength. Bodyweight exercises are also used during these classes to ensure a complete full body workout is achieved.

Why Choose Kettlebells

There are so many reasons why people choose to attend Kettlebell classes. The main ones being that Kettlebell training bridges the gap between strength training and cardio. Some people use Kettlebell classes to help fire up more muscles, improve posture and some people even use them to help with weight loss.

  • helps you develop proper squatting form
  • produces greater power
  • helps you have a better grip
  • improves rotational strength